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TV4 Fotbollskanalen

The largest Swedish source of football news needed our help to build their new website and app.


It had been 8 years since Fotbollskanalen updated their digital platform and it couldn’t handle the technical requirements or the customer expectations any longer. Their service is hugely popular amongst football fans in Sweden and in order to create the best possible experience we involved their customers in an early stage of the process.


Through qualitative customer interviews and digital concept tests we realized that the biggest customer demand was the ability to personalize the experience. In close collaboration with Fotbollskanalen, we made it possible for the customers to follow their favorite teams, leagues and players. We also added a feature to filter the football news and get notifications through the app based on their settings. A new design was implemented together with the launch of the new website and app. This and much more took the experience to the next level.


Since the release of the new app in june of 2015 it has won several prices, been nominated to some of Sweden’s most prestigious design awards and been downloaded over 600,000 times.

TV4 Fotbollskanalen



Erik Westerdahl, Anders Jacobsson & Jonas Theder