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Öresundskraft, a Swedish energy company founded in 1859, wanted to level up and become the industry front runner for customer satisfaction in Sweden. They wanted to achieve this not only through their products, but through their online services and the way they communicate with their customers as well.


Öresundskraft asked us to create a new digital strategy, a brand identity framework and a new website that captured their strong vision for the future, in line with their 100% renewable energy values. Alongside we worked on simplifying the UX including significant re-categorization of their products to create a more logical context for their customers. Öresundskrafts old website contained over 1200 pages and the customers had a hard time to find the information they needed. With the help of quantitative data we stripped it back, keeping just 10% of the content and completely re-engineered the customer journey through the site.


We created an online experience that lets customers dig deep into their energy consumption with unbelievably simple interactive graphs. We made it possible to order Öresundskrafts services directly from the website and get information about power outages. Öresundskraft now actually gets people excited about energy.


Today, Öresundskraft has among Sweden’s most satisfied electricity customers.



Erik Westerdahl, Marie Fosiack, Anton Warnhag, Voja Tadic, Max Sundberg, Laya Sadegh, Magnus Olsson, Erik Lidälv